Saudi Princess robbed in a luxury hotel for 800 thousand euros


Photo: Shutterstock

Member of the Royal family from Saudi Arabia robbed at the hotel Ritz in Paris. About it reports The Local.

The name of the victim is not known, but according to some reports, the victim was a Saudi Princess. The robbery occurred in the afternoon of 7 September. According to the statement, the thieves have taken out from a hotel room decorations for 800 thousand euros. The jewels were not closed in the safe. With no signs of hacking in the police room is not found. The investigation is ongoing.

This is the second in the current year theft from the Paris Ritz. In January, armed robbers carried out of the jewelry stores decoration hotel at 4.75 million euros. In the end, all the jewels returned.

In August 2009 it was reported that Princess from Saudi Arabia was robbed at a hotel in Italy. Then I made jewelry and cash totaling 11 million euros. Later, a large piece of jewelry has been found in Sardinia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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