The British refused to mayonnaise and lost a third of the weight


Rachel Cellphoto: page Rachel Sidell in Facebook

Briton Rachel Sidell (Rachel Seedal) has lost almost one-third in order to get into vintage wedding dress. This was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

A resident of the city Blackburn, Lancashire, said that he was very happy when her 48-year-old lover had proposed to her. 40-year-old Sidell weighed about 136 pounds and I didn’t want this form to appear at his own wedding. To motivate yourself to lose weight, she bought an old dress 44-go the size.

Sidell enrolled in the pool, training four to five times a week. The British drastically changed their eating habits: “I like to add mayonnaise in every dish. Now I stopped doing it, and even almost completely stopped cooking with oil”. Also Sidell added that now prefer to eat fruit.

For a year and a half she managed to lose 44 kgs. The Briton said that her health improved significantly: before, she always felt tired and suffered from shortness of breath. Also, she has disappeared the symptoms of intracranial hypertension. “I never went hungry and did not adhere to mad diets. Simply began to eat better,” she said.

Three weeks before the wedding she managed to get into a dress. The Briton added that the ceremony was perfect, and she was absolutely confident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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