The famous figure skater get rich on of the divorce settlement, real estate


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Figure skating legend Michelle Kwan with a serious margin sold a house in the us state of Rhode island, she inherited in the divorce process, with the son of a local Senator Claim Pell. It is reported by Architectural Digest.

Athlete and Pell were married in 2013 and immediately bought an old mansion in the city of Newport for $ 1.5 million. They renovated the house and planned to live in it together, but in early 2017 Pell on his page on Twitter wrote that the couple divorced.

After leaving the cottage with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, situated on the Atlantic coast, became the property of the skater. She put the mansion up for sale in September 2017, setting the price tag at 4.4 million dollars. A year later, in September of 2018, unknown buyer agreed to pay for the object four million.

Thus, she resold the house at a premium of 166 percent, earning $ 2.5 million.

Michelle Kwan is the most decorated American figure skater, speaking in single skating. In the late 1990s — early 2000s, she nine times became the champion of the United States, five times world champion and twice won Olympic medals in 1998 and 2002. She refused to participate in the Olympics in 2006 because of injury and then did not return to the sport.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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