The teacher pretended to be dead scared of the rapist


Photo: Damir Sagolj / Reuters

A resident of Thailand pretended to be dead to breaking into his house robber she wasn’t raped. According to the information portal Coconuts, the plan worked.

The incident occurred in the province of Sisaket in the North-East of the country early on Saturday morning, September 8. It was raining, and the woman was home alone when a burglar ran to her bedroom. He covered her mouth with his hand three times and punched in the stomach, and then hugged the victim and tried to undress her.

“I tried to gather my strength and thoughts. I poked him in the collarbone, until the fight started. But the thief was too big, so I decided not to resist and pretend to be dead,” said the Thai, a teacher.

When the woman stopped breathing and twitch, the burglar panicked and ran away. “As soon as I saw that he was gone, I ran out and told the neighbors what happened. My relatives took me to the police, and I wrote a statement”, she added.

The police examined records from surveillance cameras, to calculate the suspect. They believe that the perpetrator could be someone who lives nearby.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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