The villagers snatched the teenager from the jaws of a crocodile


Photo: Soeren Stache / ZB /

In Malaysia, the 13-year-old nearly became the prey of a crocodile, swimming in the river. This was reported by local newspaper the Star.

The incident occurred in a village near the town of Sandakan in the Eastern part of the country. Arsil Alkanal (Arsil Alkamal) along with a friend went to the river near the house. Suddenly he was attacked by a crocodile and tried to drag the teenager to the depths.

His friend cried, and the call came the villagers. They got into the water, pulled Alcabala from the jaws of reptiles and washed ashore. Crocodile with a length of about 2.7 meters sailed.

The boy was immediately taken to the hospital with multiple injuries throughout the body. He got 15 stitches on his chest, four on his back, five on the thigh and two on his knee. “He has a deep and serious wound, but now his condition has stabilized,” said the local Sheriff Hamina Azhar (Azhar Hamin).

The locals knew that in the river there are crocodiles, but they did not attack the villagers. The scene called for hunters to set traps for dangerous reptiles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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