Trump has promised to write a real book about himself-President


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The US President Donald trump called a liar by journalist Bob Woodward — author of “Fear: a trump in the White house.” About this he wrote on his Twitter page.

The President also noted that the book “hype” with made-up quotes, and promised to tell your own real story. “The book Woodward is a joke. Just another napada me among the flurry of attacks using the now disproved, unnamed or anonymous sources,” he said.

“Many have reported that their quotes as the book itself, is fiction. The Democrats can’t lose. I’ll write a real book!” said trump.

Earlier in September, The Washington Post published excerpts from the book Woodward. According to the author, it is based on “hundreds of hours” of interviews with participants and witnesses, notes from meetings, personal diaries, and public documents, and tells previously unknown stories about the internal processes in the White house.

The extracts, in particular, says that trump insisted on the murder of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the President’s chief of staff John Kelly considers the American leader a fool and a madman, and defense Minister James Mattis of the opinion that he is behaving like a “five – or sixth-grader”. In his Twitter the President of the United States pointed out that both officials denied the accuracy of quotes.

Donald trump has written at least 14 books — mostly memoirs and leadership and motivation.

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