Under the Vostochny space centre has discovered the emptiness


The spaceport Vostochnyie: Igor Ageenko / RIA Novosti

Under the concrete base of the launch pad for rockets “Soyuz-2” at the Baikonur East found emptiness. “Roscosmos” instructed them urgently to eliminate, the repair will cost 4.57 million rubles. Such data are available on the procurement website.

The contract for implementation of works concluded with the company “Adonis”, registered in Blagoveshchensk.

According to the source TASS, the evaluation of the platform was held in July.

The launch complex of the cosmodrome was built in 2012-2016 under rocket “Soyuz-2”. The first launch took place in April 2016.

East’s first civilian spaceport of Russia, located in the Amur region. Its construction began in 2012, it was accompanied by scandals related to identify theft, but also mass strikes and hunger strikes of the workers due to wage delays.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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