A female police officer explained the murder of a black man in his house


Photo: Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office

A female police officer, zastrelitsia man in his apartment in Texas, explained that he “ignored orders”. About it reports The Independent.

30-year-old amber Geiger, more than four years working in the Dallas Metroplex, also explained as entered the victim’s apartment. According to her, the door was ajar — that’s what made her perceive the situation as a robbery. She saw in the dark “large silhouette” and tried using commands to force the stranger to obey. After the “robber” allegedly ignored her instructions, she shot him in the chest.

According to her, she realized she mixed up the apartment, only when I turned on the light.

The lawyer of the family of the deceased Batema Shem Gina believes the testimony of the guard “strange and samoopredelenie”. The victim’s family also questioned the testimony of Geiger. According to the lawyer, the neighbors heard the woman beats on the door and demands to let her in. In addition, under the door of the murdered lies the rug and under the door women it is not. As said, it would be “irresponsible” to rely on her words.

The blood women were tested for the presence of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, but the results are not yet available. Currently she was charged with manslaughter.

The mayor of Dallas Mike Rawlings at a press conference denied the rumors around the killings, including that Geiger was familiar with the victim.

Dead Batam Shem Jin arrived in the United States from island nation of Saint Lucia. He was 26 years old. He studied accounting at a local University, I worked and sang in the Church choir. The mayor called him “a model citizen” and expressed soboleznovaniya his family.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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