A former militant of “al-Qaeda” complained about the boring life of terrorists


Brian Neal Of VINASAT: Fox News

American, a few years ago, took place in the terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia), told about “a very boring life” fighters. It is reported by Fox News, citing an article published September 10 in the journal of the Centre for combating terrorism, U.S. Military Academy.

“There are days when you have absolutely nothing to do. A lot of guys in al-Qaida was a disappointment because of the inaction. Operations were few, and they were not very good,” said Brian Neal Vinas.

The only alternative was for the militants undergo special training in order to participate in jobs outside Pakistan and Afghanistan. But, according to Vinas, he didn’t meet anyone who went for it.

Before you join al Qaeda, Vinas lived in the mountains with the Pakistani group associated with the Taliban (banned in Russia). According to the American, where he too was weary and collected on the basis of Russian guns. He also participated in the unsuccessful attack on American and Afghan troops. “The trip on a mission was a relief after the terrible anguish, but I was disappointed that the operation was unsuccessful,” shared a former terrorist.

Vinas grew up in new York. Six months after the attacks of September 11, 2001, he entered the U.S. Army, but a few weeks later was dismissed because “failed to adapt”. In 2007, the 24-year-old American had converted to Islam and joined groups in Pakistan. He was arrested in 2008 and went to work and gave the U.S. authorities information that helped them in attacks by drones on militant positions. In 2017 Vinas was released from prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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