Created entirely cancer-killing medication


Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Scientists of the research Institute of SCRIPPS in the US proved the effectiveness of a new vaccine against melanoma in experiments on mice. The drug, designed to fight tumors, added diproval, which is an adjuvant, that is, immune-stimulating substance. Test results published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The researchers tested about 100 thousand chemical compounds that could enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy in the fight against melanoma skin cancer. It is possible to find a substance, called deprivation that binds to toll-like receptors — proteins that activate cellular immune response.

In the experiment, the researchers used a murine model of aggressive melanoma. Cancer has been genetically modified for synthesis of egg white protein ovalbumin, which plays a role of the antigen causing the immune response. Animals were divided into three groups in accordance with different types of therapy. Some received injections of ovalbumin and anti-PD-L1 drug, which prevents the resistance of cancer cells to the protective systems of the body. In the second group of rodents was conducted by injection of ovalbumin, anti-PD-L1 and dobrovolna. In the third group diproval was replaced with another type of adjuvants — alum.

Each mouse received two doses of the drug, while between injections a week passed. During the 54 days of the mouse from the second group showed hundred percent survival, rodents from the third group is 25%, and in the first, killing all. Moreover, scientists are not able to re-initiate the growth of melanoma in animals treated diproval.

Successful tests on mice does not mean that the vaccine with a new adjuvant to be equally effective in people. Future trials will have to prove it.

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