Dog rescued Americans from 50 years in prison


Photo: Lisa Christon / AP

U.S. resident sentenced to 50 years in prison because of allegations of sexual violence, freed the dog. This was reported by the publication New York Post.

In April 2017 the plumbing of the city of Redmond, Oregon, Joshua Horner (Joshua Horner) was sentenced to 50 years in prison for sexual abuse of minors. In his testimony before the court, the victim said Horner threatened to kill her animals if she will give incident to publicity. According to the Complainant, the man killed her dog — a cross between a black Labrador, Lucy, to intimidate the girl.

Six months later, after sentencing Horner appealed to the human rights organization Oregon Innocence Project. Recently elected district attorney, John Hummel (John Hummel) has agreed to cooperate with them. The plumber assured the lawyers that he didn’t kill the dog, and decided to track her down. They twice searched the whole County, and then went to Portland. There they found the dog. “She looks pretty unusual due to the fact that a Mudblood. She has a special head shape and long ears,” said volunteer Oregon Innocence Project.

Hammel officially confirmed that the dog is alive. It is argued that the victim lied during testimony. The Prosecutor said that still can not assert that sexual violence was not, but began to doubt it. The judge dismissed the case, and Horner, who had already begun to serve his sentence, was released. He left the court building, holding the hand of his wife and smiling.

Now, the court is to consider the case of Horner again. He refuses to give comments to the press. After the discovery of Lucy, the victim never spoke with investigators, despite the fact that she was summoned to the court. In early September, the investigator came to speak with her, but she ran away after seeing his car in the driveway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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