In Indonesia, women were forbidden to dine with men


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In the district of Bireun the Indonesian province of Aceh men and women banned together to eat. About it writes The Independent. In this way the authorities want to achieve from women’s greater “piety”.

To comply with the new rule, ordered all cafes and restaurants in the County. According to the local head of the office for Islamic Affairs, women violate the rule of Sharia, when eating with men: it is allowed to do only with her husband or close relatives.

The official said that the purpose of the Directive is “to protect the dignity of women that they felt more comfortable, easy and pious, and avoid doing anything that would violate the laws of Sharia.”

Sharia law in the Muslim provinces prohibit any expression of intimacy between persons outside of marriage. The new rules, among other things, impose limitations on meals together colleagues of different sexes and services for women unaccompanied after 21:00.

Earlier this year in Aceh, publicly beaten with sticks women accused of prostitution. It is the only province in Indonesia where an Islamic morality police. Sharia law in it apply not only to Muslims, but to all residents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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