In Malaysia, spoke about the problems with the su-30MKM


Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS

Maintenance purchased from the United States aircraft is much easier than similar cooperation with Russia, reported FMT News, a senior official familiar with the situation in the Royal air force of Malaysia.

As noted, the interaction of the producer and the customer is hampered by bureaucratic delays. “The problem with Russian aircraft [su-30MKM and MiG-29Н] is the Russian way of doing business,” — said the source.

“They have to support us for some time after we acquired the aircraft, but they [at closing] don’t open [all the details]. In the midst of purchasing we were not informed about the need for 10 years of certain types of maintenance work, which are able to perform once they [the Russian side],” said the official.

The interviewee noted that the system of maintenance and procurement in the United States marked by simplicity and regularity. “Ultimately, this means that all that was purchased in America, and follow-up service was very reliable,” — said the source.

In his opinion, the purchase of equipment from Russia, not the US and the EU, tied up with issues of corruption. “The problem with the acquisition of military goods is that Malaysian officials don’t like to buy from the US or UK because with them everything is “on top of the table.” National security is often used as a pretext for corruption,” he explained.

In July, Malaysian defense Minister Mohamad Sabu said that only 4 of the 28 Russian fighters in the Royal air force, able to rise into the sky, while the rest are under repair. The need for fighters was proposed to close the purchase of used F/A-18C/D Hornet.

In 2007-2009, Malaysia received 18 heavy fighters su-30MKM (multirole, commercial, Malaysian), which is a development of the serial su-30MKI, standing on the arms of the Indian air force. Part of the deal expected deliveries to Russia of Malaysian palm oil. From the su-30MKI variant, the su-30MKM is part of the onboard equipment. Fighter for Malaysia has received, in particular, the indicator on the windshield, the infrared system of forward view and the container of the laser illumination of the European company Thales.

In 1994 the Royal air force shared the new order fighters between Russia and the United States. Zakontraktovat eight American F-18D Hornet, Malaysians have acquired 18 Russian MiG-29Н (including two training MiG-29НУБ).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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