Kidnapped by a Gypsy boy 11 years later was found in the other end of Russia


Photo: GU MVD of Russia in Volgograd region

In Volgograd found a kid that was stolen 11 years ago from Omsk family. On Tuesday, September 11, reported on the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

According to the report, the district police Department, a woman came and told me that on a visit to her son came 15-year-old, with whom they are together in a circle playing the guitar. The boy complained of a family quarrel, and said that he lives in a foster home if in childhood he was taken from another city and not allowed to communicate with the birth mother. He admitted that he never went to school and cannot read and write.

Investigators went to the address where the family lived, and met with the family of the teenager. Lived in the apartment, the woman admitted that she didn’t give birth to the child, and many years ago took him from the inhabitant of Omsk.

Writes the boy’s name is Kostya, he was kidnapped by Gypsy family and all of 11 years wandered about with her in a rented apartment, and his own mother all this time was engaged in his search and turned to talk shows on Federal TV channels. Now the police establish the location of the woman.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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