McCartney spoke about a group Masturbation with Lennon


Paul McCartney and John Lennonthe: William Vanderson / Fox Photos/Getty Images

British musician and one of the founders of the Beatles, Paul McCartney spoke about the unknown aspects of the life of the team. His story published in GQ on Tuesday, September 11.

According to him, once, before to become famous, he and another member of the group, John Lennon, together masturbated.

“It happened at John’s house, we had several. And instead of furiously to get drunk and party — I don’t even remember, then we stayed the night or not — we all sat on the chairs, the lights were off. Someone started to masturbate and we all joined in,” said the artist.

McCartney added that, in addition to Lennon, there was three more of his friends. And during the process they chanted the names that would “inspire” them. “We yelled: “Brigitte Bardot!” and continued to play stronger,” — said the musician.

He said that Lennon at some point shouted the name of Winston Churchill, than plunged around in bewilderment.

According to McCartney, this “ritual” was repeated once or twice. He also recalled how one member of The Beatles George Harrison lost his virginity in the room, in which there were other musicians and groups as the others applauded him. The actor added that during the tour the musicians had not happened orgies.

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