On Google maps found an unexpected message


Image: Google Maps streetview

Network user under the nickname noonelikesadampsock found on Google maps the man who made fun of other users who are familiar with the popular children’s game. Photo published on page imageboard Reddit.

Judging by the numerous comments, the picture was taken by a Google car in the British city of Durham. In the foreground a long-haired man who shows the hand sign “OK” by connecting the thumb and index fingers at waist level.

A similar sign is part of the famous game, familiar to many students. The essence is that one person suddenly shows “OK” his friend-rival. If he’s looking directly at the circle, then immediately gets hit in the shoulder. If the other player has not looked at the hand, then he hits the shoulder of the instigator.

Many users paid attention to the sign and praised a man who managed to get her to look at his hand several thousand people.

“How is he going to hit us all?” — surprised one of the users. “Crazy boy,” joked another. In total the post has approved more than 16 thousand people. This picture from Google maps first appeared on Reddit a few months ago, but previously he never gained viral popularity among users.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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