Over Moscow threatened the housing shortage


Photo: Maxim Kimerling / “Kommersant”

Number for sale new apartments in Moscow in August 2018 declined by nearly five percent — despite the fact that the market for the month was displayed three new projects. This is stated in the analytical report “Metrium” provided “House” Tuesday, September 11.

The volume offers primary housing gradually decreases due to the high buying activity, experts state. By the beginning of autumn in the capital sold about 13.4 thousand apartments, or about 826 thousand square meters in a newly built residential complexes.

On the background of “washing out” of apartments from the market, there is a gradual increase in the cost of new housing: in August the average price per square meter increased by almost a percent, to 158 thousand rubles. On average, new apartment in Moscow now worth 9.7 million rubles. For Studio, the figure is 4.7 million, for “odnushki” — 6.8 million, for “kopeck piece” — 9.7 million. Two-bedroom apartment in the capital is estimated at 13.1 million, multi — 20.4 million.

“A reduction in the volume of supply on the market of new mass segment observed during the last five months, — note in “Historical”. Over this period the market has expanded with 15 new projects, as well as 28 buildings in already implemented systems, but the number of lots in the realization declined by 24.5 percent.”

According to experts, growth of demand for housing in Moscow is partly triggered by the weakening of the ruble. In addition, buyers have intensified due to the expected increase in mortgage rates.

According to previously published data, the minimum threshold for entering the Moscow market of new buildings by the fall of 2018 amounted to 3.1 million — far lower than two to three years ago: in 2014, the most inexpensive apartment in a newly built residential complexes of the capital cost of 4.1-4.3 million.

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