Police detained a “dead” 20 years ago, killer


Photo: 39.MIA.Russia

In Kaliningrad police detained the killer, more than 20 years presumed dead. On Tuesday, September 11, reported on the website of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

According to the report, the detained 60 — year-old resident of Khabarovsk. It is suspected that in 1997 killed his friend and disappeared, leaving a suicide note admitting to the crime. Since the inner circle thought he was dead, and the police have declared wanted.

Checking possible when searched, the police found that his ex-wife moved from the Far East to Kaliningrad, and passed the information to colleagues from the Western region. They found the woman and found that her home to a man the same age as the alleged killer.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the police Department, he showed a passport in the name of the foreigner, but after admitted that for 20 years is wanted for murder. The detainee was transferred under escort of police officers in Khabarovsk and handed over to the investigating authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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