Sleeping during the flight, the pilot was shocked passengers



Airplane passengers United Airlines was shocked when I saw the pilot of their plane was asleep in business class, dressed in ordinary clothes. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The aircraft commander made the seven-hour flight from Newark (USA) to Glasgow (Scotland) and decided to take a NAP during the flight. One of the passengers took a picture of the sleeping pilot, near which lay his folded form. “When he woke up, he again put on his uniform and went back to the cockpit,” said the man.

He also said that the pilot slept for an hour and a half, and considered this act unacceptable. “If he wanted to relax, you should not have to do this in the presence of passengers. I have traveled a lot in America, but never seen”, — explained the author of the picture.

The airline representative commented on the situation and said that the pilots have the right to rest during long flights, and there is no violation.

In December 2016 pilot a canadian airline Sunwing Airlines, drank a bottle of vodka shortly before the flight. After that, the citizen of Slovakia Miroslav Granic came to work, but fell asleep on the plane. Gronich had to fly from calgary in Canada to the Mexican resort of Cancun. However, he was late for work by the hour.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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