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Sergey Fomchenkova: page Sergey Fomchenkova in “Vkontakte”

Detained in Smolensk region the militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) was hired by the security Service of Ukraine for the murder of Sergei Fomchenkova — the commander of reconnaissance and assault battalion of the self-proclaimed DND. On Tuesday, September 11, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, a senior officer is a native of Smolensk and during the holidays is often there. But Fomchenkov does not believe that he could be preparing an attack.

“Hardly. I really command the battalion in the Donbass, but I’m almost always in DND, in Smolensk rarely”, — he wrote.

Fomchenkov — the husband of the activist of the National Bolshevik party (2007, banned in Russia) Taisiya Osipova, sentenced for hitting bouquet Smolensk Governor Viktor Maslov in September 2003.

On 10 September, the FSB announced the detention of Majid Magomedov, born in 1988, the native of Dagestan, who on the instructions of the security service of Ukraine and the leaders of “Right sector” (banned in Russia) planned to commit the murder of one of the leaders of the self-proclaimed militia DND.

During interrogation Magomedov said that after the defeat in Dagestan cell IG he moved to Ukraine where he met with representatives of the “Right sector”, which organized a meeting with employees of the SBU.

“Come esbeushnik, named Rustam. He said that together with SBU we can do on the territory of Russia any terrorist acts and sabotage of sorts to make. And to understand how we can work with, gave us the first order. The order was in the Smolensk region, said it was the commander of the militia DND. Said that after the operation will give us 10 thousand dollars,” — said Magomedov on the video.

According to him, he rented the apartment. He was given a picture and the address of the victim, as well as the coordinates of the cache, where Magomedov found plastids, from which he was to make a bomb. In addition, it provided cartridges and the amount of money in the amount of $ 300.

Magomedov said that after a successful operation to eliminate the DPR commander he had to return to Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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