The Russian military will be punished stories online about service


Photo: Eugene Vadim epanchitsev / RIA Novosti

Russian servicemen will not be able to place in the public domain information about themselves, their service and colleagues. A bill the government introduced the State Duma.

The document prescribes the military ban on publication on the Internet and in the press photos, videos, geolocation and other information which may disclose data about the service, the colleagues, the activities of military units and their location. In case of violation, they face a disciplinary responsibility, and military personnel-contract employees — dismissal.

The ban will not apply to those who have already retired from service.

The need for such changes associated with the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. The explanatory Memorandum States that information about the activities of military personnel “applies to information and information-psychological influence, and in some cases, to the formation of biased assessment of the state policy of the Russian Federation”.

In June it was reported that the cemeteries near Pskov, where in 2014 were buried dead under mysterious circumstances the Marines, there are new graves of soldiers.

In February, the General staff made a list of phones that soldiers can use: simple push-button device worth up to two thousand rubles, without the cameras and satellite navigation systems. Thus the Agency decided to avoid problems with leaks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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