The Russians have proposed to forbid a lot to take


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Debt load of Russians proposed to limit by law — the repayment of loans citizens should not spend more than half of family income. When exceeding the target for banks and microfinance organizations want to ban to make loans. The relevant amendments develops the state Duma Committee on financial markets, told “Izvestia” Chairman Anatoly Aksakov.

The preparation of amendments to the legislation aim to complete in the autumn.

The choice of 50 percent is associated with international practice. “When a family pays up to 50 percent of total income for payment of percent on credits and loans, it is financial psychological equilibrium, the debt looks big and heavy,” — said General Director of IFC “Mani Fanny” Alexander Shustov.

Vice-President of the Association of Russian banks Elman Mehdiyev spoke about the risks of the initiative. “If a person gives on loan repayment 51-52 percent of income and banks with MFI will deny him the loan, he will go to “black creditors,”” he explained.

Some countries, the newspaper adds, has already introduced such restrictions. For example, Lithuania’s debt load is not more than 40 percent of family income in Canada and 42 percent in Israel, 50 per cent.

As the newspaper notes, the proportion of borrowers with extremely high debt for the last three years has decreased. For the first six months of 2018, they were 12.5 percent, and for the same period of 2015 is 15.4. The Central Bank explained that the decline occurred due to the mortgage, and in the segment of unsecured loans the share has remained constant. To reduce the debt burden of the population is also affected by refinancing programs, which allow you to repay the loan in the same Bank, taking in another at a lower interest rate.

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