The saleswoman years dragged ham at work and ate for thousands of dollars


Photo: Jochen Tack /

In the USA the employee of the grocery store years eat free ham from the counter and caught. This was reported by news Agency Associated Press.

The incident occurred in one of the shops of the town of Bolivar, Ohio. Manager at settlement of losses of the store said that the woman almost every day, eat three to five pieces of ham. This he told his colleague saleswoman. Sometimes she was treated and smoked sausage.

Deputy Sheriff Tuscarawas Brian Hale (Brian Hale) has estimated that in eight years of work, the employee stole food for 9.2 thousand dollars (about 641,3 thousand). The saleswoman confessed to the police, but until she was charged with theft. Hale considers it “unlikely” that this will happen, informs an information portal to Fox News.

In December 2016 was reported about the arrest of the legendary 86-year-old thief ones. A woman came into the jewelry store asked me to show her a lot of jewelry, and when the seller has lost vigilance, stole one of them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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