Timothy posted a message for “narrow-minded” about their concerts


Timetophoto: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

Hip-hop artist Timati has published in Instagram to “team of athletes”, criticized his work and performances. He stressed that until recently did not want this conversation, but “the line is crossed, back to back.”

“Nobody in my country will not tell you where to give concerts, where they do not give. For all narrow-minded narrow-minded: inciting inter-ethnic conflicts on the basis of “religious reasons” — rather shaky ground in 2018, it is punishable by law,” wrote the rapper.

Timothy added that the athletes who criticize his work based on religion should not fight for money, post pictures of the ring in his underwear, to finish off the lying and swearing. “And yet you do not respect yourself, but trying to have a deep moral morality, you look ridiculous,” he said.

The rapper concluded his message with the phrase “good Luck in the upcoming battle” — he previously responded to rigid statements of the Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) fighter Habib Nurmagomedov, who did not like the work of Egor creed.

Nurmagomedov said that the cancellation of the concert of creed in Dagestan is a small loss. Timothy approached him, saying that he believes this position is wrong, what Nurmagomedov said that he has the right to their opinion and not going to listen to “some demons”. The fighter turned to Dagestanis: “Much missed and many did not return, but for the future of our Republic we are responsible and only we, and not all pituary which, they say, want something”. With the athlete agreed the other fighter MMA Scored Magomedkerimov, who said that the creativity creed and Timothy “carries censorship, Mat and debauchery”, and it has no place “in his homeland”.

In early September, Greg Creed, was threatened that if he not canceled the concert in Makhachkala. The actor refused to speak.

Timothy is the founder of the label Black Star, which cooperates with creed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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