American century worked in a McDonalds and have not regretted


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American celebrated the 50th anniversary of “McDonald’s”. This was reported by local news portal

73-year-old resident of the town of North Adams, Massachusetts, Alfred Caproni (Caproni Alfred) began to work in a network of fast food restaurants in 1968, four years before the appearance of the menu a big Mac. First, he got a job in a restaurant in the nearby town of Pittsfield, the following year the school was opened in North Adams, and he moved there, and after 19 years moved together with “McDonald’s” in another building, where he works until now.

“Can you imagine how many burgers I’ve cooked in that time? And I never went on vacation,” admitted Caproni. He noted that because of this earned the carpal tunnel syndrome, for which his hand is numb and hurts.

Caproni said that in the 1970-ies around the restaurant constantly going youth. When it became too noisy, he had to drive them. “Some of them still come in and say, “Hey, al, remember when you kicked me out?”” laughing, says the American.

Thanks to the work of the restaurant Caproni found a wife. She came to find a job, and the American accepted it, and soon asked out. “At the second meeting, I knew that I would marry him,” said Mary Ann Caproni (Mary Ann Caproni), 32 years spent as a teacher.

“At work fun, and it makes me feel so young” — says Caproni. He’s not going to retire and gets pleasure from the fact that each day greets customers, whom he knew for decades.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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