Fans were happy with the cellulite on the thighs of the model


Photo: @outdoorvoices

Fans of the American manufacturer of sports clothing Outdoor Voices is pleased with where she introduced new short shorts. This reports the Metro.

Hip model Julia-Elise childs noticed cellulite, neotremontirovannyh photographers. Subscribers called the campaign “a real and honest marketing”.

“I thought that this post will be one of the many “love yourself, because we are all imperfect”. But no. True. Love it. Be sure to buy when you have a chance” — they wrote in comments to the advertising post in Instagram.

“Finally a company that takes a real woman with real flaws and has a positive impact on society. The younger generation is more likely to see these posts to understand that flaws are normal,” was supported by others.

“Subscribe, because I saw this photo! Thanks for showing real legs!”, — approved the third.

At the moment the photograph was attended by about 14 thousand likes.

In June, the photographers, the British online retailer Boohoo do not have to retouch the skin of the model in the photographs to the advertising campaign of beachwear. The shots of the girl stands sideways and shows continuous yellow swimsuit. It is covered in stretch marks buttocks and thighs impressed users of social networks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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