For the MS-21 will spend more than 460 billion rubles


Photo: Tatiana Belyakova / TASS

More than 460 billion rubles will be invested in the creation of the Russian short / medium – haul passenger aircraft MS-21, RIA Novosti reported statement by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

“It is important for the development of industry in the country the project is implemented with the support of the state. The total project will cost in 2025 of about 465 billion rubles,” — said the official at a meeting at the Irkutsk aviation plant.

Borisov reminded that MS-21 is created and passes certification testing of PD-14 engine, and serial deliveries to customers should begin in 2020. “Now the initial portfolio of 175 firm orders for all firm contracts advances received. The total supply will be about 870 aircraft, of which more than 50 percent will be delivered to Russian airlines,” said Deputy Prime Minister.

The new Russian short / medium – haul narrow-body passenger aircraft MS-21 (“bulk plane of the XXI century”) is designed to carry up to 211 people (the ultimate dense layout of seats in MS-21-300) at a distance of up to 6.4 thousand kilometers. First flight of the machine was made in may 2017, with serial production scheduled for 2018. In the MS-21 is used by a lot of Western technology and components, in particular, the machine is equipped with American engines PW1000G, which is scheduled to replace the Russian PD-14.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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