Found guilty in the collapse of the ruble


Sergey Patientto: Alexander Shalgina / TASS

Assistant to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev has accused the Central Bank in the fall of the ruble, RBC.

According to Glazyev, “the Central Bank’s failure to perform its constitutional duties” to ensure the stability of the ruble was the main factor behind the collapse of the national currency.

“Having more foreign exchange reserves than the monetary base, they gave the exchange rate at the mercy of financial speculators, which are randomly rocking the ruble is getting huge profits to the destabilization of the macroeconomic situation when in fact the connivance of the monetary authorities,” said the official.

In case, if the CB has returned to his duties, the ruble would be stable, beginning in 2014, Glazyev added.

Previously, the Finance Ministry said that the weakening of the ruble caused by the volatility in global markets will end soon — course will be aligned to the end of this year.

September 10, the dollar and the Euro against the ruble has updated the highs for 2.5 years. The dollar rose above 70 rubles, the Euro exceeded 81 ruble.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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