Found the source of replenishment of Russian officials


Photo: RIA Novosti

In the state Duma a bill that allows to take the civil service in bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of former citizens of Ukraine on the basis of their written renunciation of citizenship. About it reports “Interfax”.

Under the bill, if a person wrote a statement renouncing the citizenship of Ukraine, it is enough to cease to consider him a Ukrainian citizen. The amendment proposes to amend the law on Russian citizenship.

Today, citizens of some former Soviet republics, including Ukraine, can not hold positions in government agencies, where it is forbidden to work with people with dual citizenship. To prove that he no longer has a second citizenship, a person must obtain a certificate from the authorities of the state, from the citizenship which he refused.

The bill will help solve the problems of Crimean residents who received citizenship before returning the Republic to Russia. The inhabitants of the Peninsula became Russian citizens after the March 18, 2014, are recognized as people without Ukrainian citizenship only on the basis of a written application. Those who received a Russian passport before, must provide confirmation from the Ukrainian authorities about the refusal of citizenship.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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