Jon snow from “Game of thrones” has demanded more of gays in superhero movies


Keith Faringtofta: Yves Herman / Reuters

Actor kit Harington thinks Marvel studios should improve the representation of the LGBT community in his films, inviting more gay actors to play roles. He stated this at the International Toronto film festival, reports NME.

“Of masculinity and homosexuality is a big problem — for some reason they can’t be combined. We can’t be actor gay who plays any of the superhero movies by Marvel. When this already happens?” — outraged Harrington.

Kit Harington is best known for the role of the bastard Jon snow in the TV series “Game of thrones”. In June, he married rose Leslie, who played in the fantasy Saga the beloved character of Harrington.

24 may it was reported that the Alliance of gays and lesbians against defamation demanded from Hollywood to enter gays and lesbians in every second film. Representatives of the organizations complained about a sharp decrease in the number of characters with different sexual orientations in 2017.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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