Kiselev broke out in a column about the “disgusting filth” Kirkorov and Baskov


Dmitry Kiselevoj: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov dedicated a column to the joint clip of Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov Ibiza on the website of the Agency RIA Novosti, the head of which he is. Kiselev called their work “disgusting abomination,” proclaiming “the berthing of the artists to the “dirty zone”Internet”.

The author believes that Kirkorov and Basque humiliated the title “people’s artist of Russia”, which are both performers. According to him, the title — “a kind of quality mark, certificate of recognition of the high aesthetic and ethical standards of creativity”, while “aesthetics in the clip base Ibiza”.

Kiselev drew attention to the scene when Baskov is throwing up in the toilets, and avenging him, the man flips the booth, causing the contents of the toilet poured on Baskov.

“Is it that artists appreciate the cultural level of its audience? Or think that fans need in this direction?” — asks Kiselev.

The columnist believes that artists are driven by fear to keep up with the trends and the envy of Sergei Shnurov, in contrast to the performances which “coming out from Kirkorov and Baskov looks pathetic and ridiculous.” In addition, their work is contrary to the national cultural policy, continued Kiselev, and therefore should not be supported by the government. The broadcaster said that “not against freedom of creativity.”

In the video, Kirkorov and Baskov throwing each other dirty tricks that the finals become more deadly form (set fire to each other’s clothes off, doused with boiling water, bites Basque Kirkorov’s nose), as a result, both die. Some viewers noticed in the clip references to famous works of popular culture. For example, the episode with the bio-toilet can be perceived as a reference to the edition of the popular show “Jackass”, which conducted a similar experiment called “Shit cocktail”. In other episodes, the audience saw references to the movie “Borat” Sacha Baron Cohen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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