Lesbians in France was forbidden to name him a female name


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A pair of French lesbians from the Morbihan Department in the Brittany region officially forbidden to name him a female name. This writes The Local.

The parents decided to give the boy a rather unusual name Ambre (Ambre) — the French version of the name amber (Amber). Women claim that it is recognized as a universal for both sexes. However, the Registrar reported about the events to the court. He ruled that the name carries with it a risk “to confuse the child, which may lead to negative consequences” since it is considered female.

Mother’s are unhappy with this decision. Women believe that the reason may be homophobia. “The society is very unfair, because it allows to endorse the ridiculous names,” said one of them. Retrial is scheduled for April 2019.

As noted, the name of the Scent came in France in 1950-ies. It is considered a version of Ambroise “Bessmertny”. Now, however, it is rarely used even for girls. The Local writes that the French are not used to use the same names for boys and girls, and usually the same a little different: for example, Francois and Francoise (Francois, Francoise).

Until 1993, French parents had to choose a name for the newborn from a list of acceptable established by authorities. However, now the courts have the right to prohibit certain names, if you decide that it violates the interests of the child. So, in recent years rejected was Nutella, Mills (translated as strawberry) and Manhattan. It is also prohibited to name the children some traditional names, as in the modern alphabet the number of letters simply does not.

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