Lost spoke about stuffing a student


Frame: justice Center / YouTube

Student Kalmyk state University Asa Chulaeva who posted videos of ballot stuffing in the election of September 9, the Republican village Pribanic, disappeared, according to the “Caucasian knot”.

“We know that intimidated her, demanded from her some denials,” — said the representative of the Kalmyk branch of the “Fair Russia” Pavel Manzhikov. The party appealed to the interior Ministry and Prosecutor’s office of Kalmykia, with a request to provide security to the girls.

According to him, the last time she was seen in the investigator’s office, where she was called during the inspection video. The relationship Huleva was stopped on 10 September, after which her phone number was no longer served. According to the “Caucasian knot”, in the University the girl was threatened with expulsion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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