Nesmejalsja over Serena Williams cartoonist was removed from Facebook due to threats


Mark Natcat: Daily Mail / YouTube

Cartoonist for the Australian newspaper The Herald Sun mark knight (Mark Knight) deleted Twitter account after the charges of racism that rained down on him after the publication of the cartoons on tennis player Serena Williams. This writes the

At this step the artist inspired the threats began to come his family members. Knight noted that although the positive comments outweigh the negative, he decided to temporarily freeze the account to stop the flood of insults to his family.

Earlier, the cartoonist critics said that his work was incorrectly interpreted. He assured that he was opposed to racism, and just wanted to demonstrate the misbehavior of athletes. The knight stood up by The Herald Sun. “He rightly ridicules the bad behavior of tennis legends… We all fully support the Brand,” said the editor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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