Rapper Johnyboy told about the terrible attitude of foreign colleagues to Russia


Denis Vasilechek: vdud / YouTube

Russian rapper from Latvia Denis Vasilenko, better known as Johnyboy, in an interview with journalist Yuri Dude said about what he did after the defeat in battle with Miron Fyodorov, better known as Oxxxymiron. The video published on the YouTube channel “wdud” on Wednesday, September 12.

According to the artist, after the battle, which took place in 2015, he has long lived in England, where he worked as a bartender and waiter. He was busy, that gave the large debts.

The rapper also spoke about one of his colleagues, 65-year-old bartender who feels badly for Russia. The man also jokingly called his best friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin and all the time told me the same anecdote.

“The anecdote was the following: yesterday in the Kremlin there was a robbery. The only thing stolen is the result of the next elections”, — quoted his artist.

According to him, this reflects the attitude of foreigners to Russia: “you Have no democracy, no freedom of speech and everything else that is in fact broken,” said Johnyboy. This Dude asked the rapper whether he agrees himself with the wording.

“Partially, but not as much as they are. Do they really think that there [in Russia], North Korea”, — said the artist.

Johnyboy battle with rapper Occimiano is the most popular rap battle in the world. Since the publication in April of 2015 video on YouTube gained more than 44 million views.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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