Revealed the facts of experiments on Soviet officers with the use of “Newbie”


Vladimir Petrenkove:

A chemical warfare agent of the Novice class was able to experience the Soviet soldiers, reports the edition “Project” with reference to judicial materials and testimonies of the research participants. The Supreme court (SC) has confirmed at least one fact of experience on the person using the harmful substance.

In 2002, the Supreme court has ruled on the case of Vladimir Petrenko, who claimed that in 1982 he served at a secret facility in the town of Shikhany, Saratov region, and tested the unknown substance. Later Petrenko found dozens of diseases, he has submitted the claim about compensation of harm to health.

The Supreme court has confirmed that the experiment was carried out, but came to the conclusion that Petrenko was not injured as a result of experience. “The disease had the plaintiff before it gets to the service in military unit, his arguments about the bodily injury in the course of the experiment in 1982, has not found confirmation… the Harm the plaintiff suffered in the course of the experiment in 1982, and after the experiment, he did not need medical assistance and rehabilitation”, — stated in the definition.

The materials also include an explanation of the Lieutenant Colonel of medical service Pospelova, which indicates that the experiments involved, and other military personnel. “Exposure to the same concentrations for the same time periods of exposure were also persons who currently continue to serve and not make any complaints about the state of their health,” said Pospelov in 1993, answering the questions of the Prosecutor.

In addition, the experiment involved a control group: its members breathed a placebo, that is not exposure, but did not know about it. Petrenko himself in one interview said that “signing in accounting for money, has noticed that similar wording in the paper was recorded about 40 officers.”

What was tested on Petrenko is unknown. Scientist Vladimir Uglev, who managed to synthesize the substance of the Novice class, confirmed that it could be these substances in subthreshold doses. As follows from the explanations Pospelova, immediately after the experiment at Petrenko revealed that “changes in acetylcholinesterase activity of blood.” “This is the result of the use of organophosphorus toxic substances, for this principle has a “Beginner”,” added Uglev.

That in developed Shikhany chemical warfare agent a “Newbie”, told in the early 1990s, scientist Vil Mirzayanov. Against him a criminal case was initiated for violation of state secrets, which closed in 1994. From 1995 Mirzayanov now lives in the US.

March 4 in the British city of Salisbury was an attempt on the former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia. The British authorities claim that the victims were poisoned with “Newbie” agents of the GRU under the alias Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. Russia denies accusations of involvement in the incident.

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