Scammers terrorized homeowners in Moscow


Photo: Kirill Kuhmar / TASS

Every fifth of the capital the landlord is trying to rent his apartment without the involvement of realtors. About one third of owners, independently engaged in search of tenants, faced with scammers or unscrupulous employers, said the Agency “INKOM-real Estate”, arrived in edition “” on Wednesday, September 12.

Three years ago, in 2015, the independent owners of demountable apartments in Moscow was significantly higher at 45 percent. According to experts, 35 percent of owners who give shelter without the involvement of real estate agents, subsequently suffer from the actions of the dishonest tenants or the usual scams.

“The most common trick fraudsters tenant — non-payment when the tenant moves out without notice before the deadline, do not settle with the owner without paying the counters for telephone calls, Internet, — stated in the message. — It happens that the tenants carry with them something of the property of the landlord”.

In addition, popular illegal delivery of housing in the sublease. Another fraudulent scheme is the following: the speculator is calling on the private announcement of surrender apartments for rent and offers services of prompt the selection of tenants, and then asks to send an advance to the designated account. As a result, the facilities did not exist, and the scammer simply stops communicating.

In total, the estimated “INCOM”, in the Moscow market rent is now on display more than 44 thousand units, of which 88 percent are apartments, and 12 percent of the room. During the year the total supply of rental housing increased by nearly 28 percent.

Two weeks earlier it became known that in General a high security Moscow, a removable housing in the city is gradually looming shortage of the cheapest rental facilities — one-bedroom apartments of economy class. More than 30 percent of renters are looking for this format of housing, but the proportion of “odnushek” in the total supply of rental property does not exceed 12 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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