Thai showed up two years after your own funeral


Somsuk somyn and mathato: Coconuts Bangkok

Missing 19 years ago without a trace Thai returned home two years after your own funeral. This was announced by the publication Coconuts.

In 1999, at that time, 31-year-old Somsak somyn (Somsuk Somying) left his native province of Surin in the capital to work together with the neighbor. However, the passenger threw illiterate Somina to survive in the big city alone. The next few years Thai they found jobs mainly in construction.

In 2015, each fisherman suggested Somino work in Phuket. He agreed, and on his arrival the new chief took him all the documents. Instead of fish, the man had to produce the drugs. For the slightest fault beat him. Then somyn were in a Malaysian prison, where he was found and returned to their homeland, representatives of human rights organizations fighting human trafficking. He was met by police and sent home.

“I didn’t come home, because I do not know how to read. But I really missed home and my mother,” said somyn.

Family really surprised at the appearance of men, because they believed him long dead. His 72-year-old mother broke down in tears at the sight of his son. For many years they tried to find him, but to no avail. In 2016 he was given a traditional funeral.

In June it was reported the Japanese who returned home a year after a private cremation. Man believed drowned in the river, and the wife and relatives identified his body. The police refused to disclose what the Japanese were doing this year and where he was.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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