The American stroked a dying cat and infected with a dangerous disease


Photo: The New England Journal of Medicine

The American contracted the disease from a dying cat disease. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

A resident of the state of Missouri went to the doctors only two months after he developed swelling on the neck. A 68-year-old man a week is not abating fever, and in the end he decided to see a doctor.

A blood test showed that he suffers from a rare disease — tularemia. He said that the swelling on the neck is inflamed lymph nodes.

Doctors suggest that American had contracted tularemia from a cat, who died two days before the appearance in men symptoms. According to the patient, his pet died of “feline leukemia”, but the vet didn’t do any tests animal. Cat four weeks unsuccessfully treated means cancer.

After a month of antibiotic treatment, the man is fully recovered.

Tularemia can hurt both humans and animals. They usually become infected from not until the end of the cooked meat of a sick animal, usually a rabbit. However, the skin-to-skin can also lead to infection. According to the international health regulations, tularemia should be considered very dangerous infection, along with anthrax and plague.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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