The bride went to the altar with a dying grandfather, a veteran and fulfilled his dream


Frame: CEN / YouTube

In Poland the bride was taken to the altar by her grandfather, a veteran of the Second world war. As informs edition Daily Mail, two days after the ceremony he died.

Joanna Sam (Joanna Sema) asked his 94-year-old grandfather Karwowski Bronislaw (Bronislaw Karwowski) to participate in her wedding as the groom had proposed to her.The man could barely walk but made her granddaughter promise that she will support her in this important day.

Before you take her to the groom, Karwowski, dressed in full uniform with all awards, confessed to her that were looking forward to this day and proud that I lived to see it. Guests very moved by the appearance of a grandfather and granddaughter, and fiance barely managed to hold back the tears.

After the wedding, the 30-year-old Sam, working as a nurse, gave promise grandpa that I will not let him die in the hospital. She took care of him at home until his death. Despite his poor health, the veteran was delighted when I found out that the photos of him from the wedding are widely dispersed social networks.

According to Sams, a veteran did a lot for the family. She lived with grandma and grandpa, and they became her second parents: “He was very patient. He had 13 grandchildren, and we fought for the right to sleep next to him because he told the most interesting tales and history”.

“Four years ago he got a pacemaker, then he told me that we should move up the wedding, because his shelf life will soon expire,” recalls the bride.

During the war Karwowski was captured by the Nazis, but he managed to escape from the headquarters of the Gestapo in Warsaw. For services to the country he was awarded the Order of revival of Poland and many awards.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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