The girl was preparing for exams and was covered with bloody sweat


Photo: Pen News

The child from Vietnam during the preparation for the exam I went to a bloody sweat. About it reports The Daily Mail.

Doctors believe that 11-year-old schoolgirl hematidrosis — a rare condition manifested during fear or excitement. When the human sweat mixed with blood due to lesions of the walls of blood vessels and seeps to the surface of the skin in the form of liquid reddish color.

When the symptoms appeared for the first time, the doctors gave the girl a diagnosis of a skin infection, assigning a course of treatment. After the medicines have not helped, the child was re-examined and suggested that the condition may be due to hematidrosis. According to the doctor girl, Amaterasu exposed to one of 10 million people.

The cause of the people of bloody sweat are not fully understood, because the registered cases are too few. In the family, in addition to the girls, two more children, but no one of this rare disease.

Experts plan to try several treatment options. In the first place, according to the attending physician, is necessary to reduce the level of anxiety. Study few cases showed that hematites does not affect life expectancy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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