The Internet predicted a global catastrophe


Photo: Martin Meissner / AP

The European Parliament approved a new copyright law, which activists have recognized catastrophic for the Internet. About it reports The Independent.

MEPs voted for the adoption of controversial articles 11 and 13. The latter requires a technology platform to filter all of the content and check it for copyright infringement.

Activists believe that because of the new law of the network can disappear all the memes and parodies that are made on the basis of screenshots from movies or pictures from photobanks. This is because the algorithm will confuse the jokes with the actual infringement.

According to German MEP Julia Reda (Julia Reda), which actively opposed the new measures, the consequences of the law would be disastrous for the Internet.

“Everything that you want to publish must be approved by these filters. Perfectly legal content, such as parodies and memes, will be under the gun”, — the politician wrote on Twitter.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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