The missing seven years ago the cat returned to owners


Photo: @lozkinkot / Twitter

The missing seven years ago cat Tishka returned to the owners. About this in his Twitter said the owner of the cat @lozkinkot.

“He disappeared from the country in 2011, apparently someone took and took. And at the end of this summer came and sat on the doorstep and never left. Until recently did not believe that it is ours, and has now arrived — IT is!” she shared the good news.

“Cheek of the boy was gone, of course, but grandma soon it will be fed,” said the hostess.

On 8 August it was reported about the inhabitant of great Britain, which had spent 13 years in search of a missing cat and eventually tracked her down. Cat found in 64 kilometers from home. The hostess claims that pet remembers it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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