The Ukrainian oligarch has secured the arrest of Russian property


Igor Kolomoyskogo: Sergey Cvah / “Kommersant”

The appellate court of Kiev arrested the shares of the Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks, the newspaper reports Finbalance citing the court’s decision (at the time of publication the decision registry were not available). Arrest sought by Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

The arrest is imposed on shares of Prominvestbank (owned Vneshekonombank), as well as the Ukrainian subsidiaries of Sberbank and VTB. In addition, the parent, the court can not liquidate or to reorganize its Ukrainian structures to sell their assets.

The plaintiffs were several companies, the beneficiary of which is Kolomoisky: “AEROBUD”, “Privation”, “Prevalent”, “Crimea development”.

The reason for the claim to the Russian Ministry of justice was the nationalization of Crimean assets Kolomoisky and related companies after joining the Peninsula to Russia in 2014. Earlier, the Arbitration court of the Hague decided in favor of the Ukrainian oligarch. The court ruled that Russia had violated the intergovernmental agreement of 1998 on mutual protection of investments.

Sberbank has repeatedly tried to sell its Ukrainian “daughter”. However, the national Bank of Ukraine denied the main contender for the asset of the Belarusian state Paritetbank — because of its inconsistency with the requirements of the regulator.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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