Called the dangerous effects of tattoos


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Scientists at the Moscow scientific-practical center of dermatology and cosmetology have called the most dangerous diseases that can develop as a result of rejection by the body color of pigments used in the application of a tattoo. The study is published in the article “observation of the production of lichen planus on the site of the tattoo”.

According to the specialist in laser technologies in cosmetology Vitaly Mikryukova, most often the allergic reaction occurs because of the red pigment. To obtain this colors used are rose red mercury mineral cinnabar: it causes irritation.

Dermatologist Elena Kovtunov said about another common problem of Golden staph. This infection develops when, if the owner of a fresh tattoo is not caring for it properly, and the healing process is accompanied by purulent inflammation.

Kovtunov also warned about the risk of Contracting hepatitis C failure to observe sterility during application of the pattern. “Scientists conducted a large study analyzed 124 research works from 30 countries — and revealed a direct link between the number of tattoos on the human body and the development of hepatitis C. People with tattoos, especially if covered large areas of the body are at increased risk of infection with hepatitis,” she warned.

In addition, the expert advised to avoid tattoos on the area of skin moles. “Often I treat patients that are asked to remove moles where they want to get a tattoo. It is impossible to put a tattoo on a place where there is a mole. Because she can turn into melanoma,” explained Kovtunov.

In March, a Briton of Russian origin have covered 90 percent of his body with tattoos and said that it is not enough. 32-year-old Adam Curlykale (Adam Curlykale) did his first tattoo — a small inscription I am 12 years ago, after he was cured from cancer.

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