In Ukraine, told about the fears of Russia on the Azov sea


Photo: Pavel Rebrov / Reuters

Russia is afraid to launch a military operation in the sea of Azov, because it can suffer large losses. With this view in his blog on the “Apostrophe” was made by Lieutenant-General stock, the former Deputy chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko.

“Of course, the capacity of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation is much more powerful than our Armed forces. But Russia knows that it will incur very large losses in the event of military operations on the sea of Azov, and so now does not run this script,” he said.

Romanenko believes that Russia is now “more profitable to use the Ukrainian elections (presidential elections in that country scheduled for March 2019 — approx. “Of the”), as well as the possibility of a “fifth column””.

“For them it is more rational, efficient and least costly method. But, as always, Russia is not able to show, to offer anything substantial in the social, economic and other areas, except the military. So they used the military tools,” he added.

September 9 in the media appeared information that the Ukrainian Navy began redeployment in the sea of Azov small armored artillery boats. Increase its presence in this sea area, Kiev announced in late August. The Ukrainian leadership fears the military-economic blockade by Russia.

On August 29 Ukraine said the development plan to reflect the “aggression” of Russia in the Azov sea. According to the former commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Vice-Admiral Sergei Haiduk, first of all, Kiev should develop likely scenarios of Russia’s actions. The second step, he said, should become “political, economic, informational and, in the end, the power “homework” in case of aggravation of the situation in any of the possible scenarios of Russia’s actions”.

Relations between Kyiv and Moscow deteriorated sharply after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia in March 2014 and the beginning of the conflict in the Donbass in April of the same year. Ukraine accuses Moscow regularly in the conduct of hostilities in the South-East of its territory and calls the aggressor, the Kremlin rejects these accusations.

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