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All-Russian Union of consumers “Roskontrol” conducted a study on the quality of dishwashing. A copy of the results available to the “”.

Experts have studied the means for washing dishes, and seven brands: Pril, AOS, Fairy, Sorti, Frosch, “Minute plus” and “Just”. In research took part the employees of the Center of hygiene and epidemiology of Moscow.

Washout with detergent in all samples meet the requirements. A little worse than the rest of the results Fairy and “Minute plus”.

Also by all means acceptable the pH in the washings from the dish, so they are safe. Three sample — AOS, Fairy and “Minute plus” do not meet the standards of toxicity.

The result of the expert test on the effectiveness of the best results showed Pril, AOS and Fairy. They have 95, 94 and 92% remote from the surface contamination respectively. The worst efficiency from the “Minute plus” — 83 percent. The other participants showed an average result.

The most expensive tool was a Pril — 159,9 rubles per kilogram. AOS is 87.6 ruble, “Just” — 13.9 ruble.

The study of Fairy’s and “Minute plus” are listed in the product list in comments. “”Roskontrol” and previously tested for washing dishes. If we compare the results with previous research, we can say that the quality Pril remained the same, Frosch showed even better results than last time, and Fairy, on the contrary, has handed over positions,” the study says.

The authors recognize that the received data is still insufficient to draw conclusions about the stability of quality, so we need a new regular research.

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