Retired designer of “Russian Falcon 9” has named the main achievement of SpaceX


Photo: Bill Ingalls / NASA / Reuters

The main achievement of the American company SpaceX is a practical implementation of cost-effective technologies for reusable first stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, said RIA Novosti Deputy General Director of S7 Space launch vehicles Igor Radugin.

“The increase of interest in the work of the company SpaceX recently due to their main achievement is the practical implementation of cost-effective cycle mimoletnoe maintenance and reuse of liquid rocket block of the first stage of the rocket Falcon 9,” said the designer.

According to him, the claimed reduction in the cost of start-up to 50 percent is a significant success of the company in the competitive market of launch vehicles. Radygin noted that the issues of salvation first stages of rockets started in the USSR and other countries in the 1970-ies, in connection with which the Falcon 9 is “nothing fundamentally new in the design of the return and landing of the block no.”

The expert noted that the airplane scheme of the reusable booster first stage “Baikal” in the rocket “Angara”, proposed in early 2000-ies of the “Center Khrunichev”, has not received justification. “In this case, it is more efficient from an economic point of view, but also more simple in design and operation is a reusable unit that uses ractopamine maneuver when the return flight and vertical landing on a specially prepared pad using rocket engines,” — said the designer.

The reason for the departure of the rocket-space Corporation “Energia”, where Radugin led the development of the rocket “Soyuz-5”, the designer called the working conditions in S7 Space, providing a “more dynamic without having to go through numerous bureaucratic procedures in comparison with performance of state orders”. New position the engineer will develop reusable rockets for Sea launch. To create a new media plan for 5-7 years.

To work in Space S7 Radugin passed on 10 September. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, commenting on the departure of the engineer from “Energy”, said that Roskosmos should more carefully relate to the personnel in the aerospace industry.

On 30 August the head of state Corporation Dmitry Rogozin said that are not aware of the dismissal Radugina of “Energy,” and called it “an internal matter of the enterprise.”

Developed “Soyuz-5” which is a modernized version of the Soviet rocket “Zenith” declared “Roscosmos”” as a competitor to the Falcon 9 SpaceX American company.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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