Russia uses secret weapon on maneuvers “Vostok-2018”


Photo: RIA Novosti

The latest Russian radio-electronic systems for combat unmanned aerial vehicles “Snare-01” and “Resident” are used in large-scale maneuvers “Vostok-2018”, said the Russian defense Ministry.

The military Department notes that “the relevant calculations will be available to monitor the airspace in the areas of deployment of troops to protect important installations from attacks of shock unmanned aerial vehicles on simulated enemy command posts, and other objects”.

“Snare” is designed to automatically detect drones at any altitude, coordinates and electronic suppression in different frequency ranges. The station jamming “the Resident” is able to block the communication channels of drones in a radius of 50 kilometers. The instrument automatically detects the signal source, selects an optimum obstacle and blocks the transmission of data and control commands to the drone. These complexes entered service departments of electronic warfare troops of the Central military district in 2018. Weapons were used in Syria.

Exercises “Vostok-2018” held from 11 to 17 September on the territory of the Russian Far East and adjacent Pacific areas. Just exercise involved about 300 thousand soldiers, thousands of aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles, to 36 thousand tanks, armored personnel carriers and other vehicles, up to 80 ships and support vessels. Maneuvers “Vostok-2018” are the largest since the collapse of the Soviet Union military exercise in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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