The boy was stabbed in the head with a skewer through and survived


Frame: CBS

In the US, 10-year-old boy dropped his head on a skewer and survived the operation for his extraction from the brain. This was reported by news portal BBC News.

The incident occurred in Harrisonville, you’ll, Missouri. Xavier Cunningham (Xavier Cunningham) played in the tree house when he was attacked by wasps. Running away from them, he slipped and fell directly on head stuck in the ground skewer with a length of 30 cm. He dabbed at the baby’s skull around the nose at 15 cm and came from the back of the head. After that, the boy was able to get up and walk to the house.

The mother immediately took the crying child to a local hospital. From there he was taken to the clinic of Kansas, and then to the University hospital due to the high complexity of the operation. Doctors gave the child an x-ray and found that the skewer incredible way does not hurt the eyes, brain stem, spinal cord and blood vessels.

Ebersol koji (Koji Ebersole), head of Department of endovascular surgery at the University of Kansas, said that the case of Cunningham’s unique: “it is Impossible even to imagine a better outcome. The chance that a skewer will pierce the head of 15 inches and nothing touches the vital organs — one in a million”. Most of all, he said, doctors worried that as not to damage the blood vessels in the neck sharp edges of the skewers.

He called the healing “magic” and noted that usually in such situations, not that do not recover and do not survive. Cunningham is on the mend, but perhaps he may have problems with the voice.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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